Why Purchase Peptides

We at Purchase Peptides are firm believers that trust is something that is earned. Never blindly give away your trust without first researching the worthiness of the company in question. The entire philosophy behind the Purchase Peptides experience is one of putting the customer first. So, before you buy, why not see why we deserve the honor of your business?


Product Quality

When it comes to peptides and research liquids there are wide variations in the quality of the raw materials which in turn leads to a superior or inferior finished product. Every peptide that we sell is manufactured to clinical grade specifications. This is the most costly yet the most effective possible peptide that you can buy. Many of our peptides test at over a 99% purity level, far exceeding that of the competition.

Every peptide and raw powder (Used for liquids) is independently lab tested to ensure top notch quality and results for your research. We use an independent third party lab because we want real, unadulterated results without possibility of bias. Even though this is a significantly higher cost of production for us we do this because we care that you, as the client, are receiving the highest possible quality with every product that leaves our facility.

While we are aware that many in this industry simply are unwilling to spend more on their production costs, and hope that the customer is none the wiser, we simply refuse to compromise our integrity to save a buck. We do this because we know that once you experience the Purchase Peptides difference then you will be a lifelong client.


Customer Support

There is nothing that we hate more than a company that will take your money but not give you the support you deserve. With that in mind we have implemented many channels by which you can ensure that your every need is met on time and when you need it. We are a company with real people and committed to the satisfaction of our client base.

Phone support is offered Monday – Friday 9am to 3pm EST by dialing toll free 844-5peptide. One of our friendly customer service personnel will be more than happy to assist you with anything from website ordering questions to order tracking.

A fully featured ticketing system is also in place to ensure that issues and questions are tracked to successful completion and the ball is never dropped. This can be accessed by sending an email to support@purchasepeptides.net. This will immediately open up a ticket on your behalf and alert our staff to your needs in real time. All tickets are replied to within 24 hours and most within a much shorter time frame.

We also have created a knowledge base which contains our most frequently asked questions. We are constantly updating this portion of our support center with new questions and answers as they arise. Everything from website ordering questions, shipping questions and member account questions. Our knowledgebase can be accessed by visiting www.support.purchasepeptides.net

Product Selection

We know that the Purchase Peptides client base is comprised of some of the savviest researchers anywhere. Because of this PP is committed to staying on the cutting edge of research and product development. Our online store is often updated with new and exciting products to keep you on the cutting edge.

While we always strive to stay ahead of the game we realize that often times our clients are the ones who really know the direction of the research world. Because of this we encourage our clients and potential clients to submit to us any product requests that they may have and we will do our best to carry the items requested.

Proven Track Record

Regardless of all other factors there is simply no substitute for a proven track record of happy customers and positive reviews. Since 2011 we have been defining and redefining what it means to be successful in this industry. With the one constant being change we are always carving out a new and exciting landscape for the benefit of our clients.

"With these factors and more it is clear why Purchase Peptides is your best choice for quality, service and an all-around stellar buying experience."