Transaction Declined Message

“Wait! Your order was not processed yet due to your bank declining your transaction.“

This is extremely common so we have listed very simple instructions below to help you white list us with your bank and submit your order successfully. The process takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

1) We have listed the 11 most popular banks below as well as their toll-free phone numbers.

Please find your bank below or if your bank is not listed please locate the customer service phone number located on the back of your credit/debit card.

  • CHASE - 1-800-935-9935
  • BANK OF AMERICA – 1-800-432-1000
  • CITI BANK 1-888-248-4226
  • WELLS FARGO 1-800-869-3557
  • US BANCORP 1-800-872-2657
  • BB&T 1-800-226-5228
  • SUNTRUST 1-800-786-8787
  • PNC 1-888-762-2265
  • CAPITAL ONE 1-877-383-4802
  • HSBC 1-800-975-4722
  • TD BANK 1-888-751-9000

2) Call your bank and ask them to permit the online transaction originating from china. 

3) Re-attempt your order - Once your bank has confirmed that we have been whitelisted we suggest attempting your order again while you are still on the phone with your bank to ensure that they did it correctly.

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