Step by step instructions to not get declined

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Due to some friction within the industry all peptide companies have been forced to switch to processors located outside of the USA. Due to this a very high number (50%) of order attempts are immediately declined due to the banks thinking this is fraud.

Every single peptide company is experiencing the exact same issue. But with less than 3 minutes you can resolve this and continue to enjoy premier quality and service that you’ve come to expect from us.

1) Add the desired products into your shopping cart and start the checkout process.

2) Input your billing and shipping information as normal then STOP!

3) Before proceeding with the payment information call your bank and tell them that you are about to make an online purchase from overseas and give them the amount showing as your total. The customer service number is on the back of your card. Ask them to allow this transaction and any future transactions to go through from the same merchant. See below for the phone numbers of the 11 most popular banks in the USA.

4) Once you have been given confirmation that the charge will go through as normal proceed to payment information and submit your order. WE SUGGEST KEEPING YOUR BANK ON THE PHONE UNTIL YOUR ORDER IS SUCCESSFUL.

CHASE - 1-800-935-9935

BANK OF AMERICA – 1-800-432-1000

CITI BANK 1-888-248-4226

WELLS FARGO 1-800-869-3557

US BANCORP 1-800-872-2657

BB&T 1-800-226-5228

SUNTRUST 1-800-786-8787

PNC 1-888-762-2265

CAPITAL ONE 1-877-383-4802

HSBC 1-800-975-4722

TD BANK 1-888-751-9000